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Playa del Carmen Among the 25 Best Tourist Destinations in the World

March 29, 2019

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The Ideal Outfit For The Beach

September 14, 2018

Were you invited to a party on the beach or you just find yourself on vacation at a beach destination and have dinner reservations at a restaurant whose dress code is formal and you do not know how to dress?


Here we leave you some tips to be fresh and comfortable without losing a formal look.

The general rule to dress on the beach, is to wear lightweight fabrics such as gauze or linen, since the weather is humid and windy, so with these fabrics you will feel more comfortable.

As for the colors you can use neutral tones such as white, beige, or even blue or green to contrast with the beautiful landscape of the beach.



To attend a party on the beach and look radiant you can wear both skirt or dress, which are light fabrics such as silk, blanket, gauze or linen in case you wear pants, so you feel more comfortable and fresh.


If you decide to wear a dress to the party, think what type of dress you want to wear, it can be short or long, but it must be loose and flowing to blend with the environment. If you wear a short dress, you can wear one with a bare back or tie it around your neck to make you feel fresh.

The long Greek dresses combine perfectly with the beach landscape, so if you decide to wear a long dress take into account this one to look charming.



Attending to a party on the beach will give you the opportunity to wear lighter clothes, and we refer to the fabric, because presenting in a bathing suit or with a shirt and shorts is not the most appropriate.


We suggest you wear a chiffon, linen, light cotton or light silk shirt for the celebration.

You can wear a shirt type “guayabera”, as it is very common for this type of event, so you avoid looking for the type of fabric if you are not very familiar with the subject.


Wear a lightweight shirt that allows you to feel fresh because of the hot, humid weather on the beach.

The type of pants that you must use is linen or cotton and that is loose so that you can move more easily on the beach, we do not want you to feel uncomfortable with pants that do not allow you to enjoy the moment.


You can use it in light colors such as white or sand, although you can also wear dark colors such as black or brown as long as you are not going to be in the sun for a long time.

There are occasions when you will be allowed to wear shorts to a wedding, as long as the bride and groom decide, if you are going to wear it, it should also be made of light cloth such as linen or cotton and a more formal cut.

Generally, this garment is worn by the younger ones since it is a more casual garment.


If among the destinations that you plan to attend a celebration or simply to vacation are Playa del Carmen, the Riviera Maya or Los Cabos an excellent option to find the ideal outfit is Mr. Búho with its characteristic black and white concept.





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