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Playa del Carmen Among the 25 Best Tourist Destinations in the World

March 29, 2019

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Discover The Four Ideal Companions For Your Holidays

October 26, 2018



Deciding who to travel with is not as simple as it seems. Even though you may have very good friends, traveling with another person usually involves making plans together, making decisions together and also taking in consideration the tastes or preferences of the other, even if sometimes they are not as much as our liking and this is not always easy to bear with.


Of course, if the holiday destination is a beach, everything is much easier and simpler, being on the beach is something that is enjoyed by the simple fact of listening to the waves breaking on the shore and is an excellent place to find peace and reconnect with nature, put your thoughts in order and have a good time, well, usually the differences between people are set aside.


To be able to get all the benefits of the beach it´s very important to feel comfortable and for that, it is necessary to have the right amount of clothing to help you not feel too hot or, in the other hand too cold. You should know when to take advantage of a very fresh fabric of clothes, or in the case of a windy sunset, wearing a thicker fabric clothing to fully enjoy the experience of walking on the sand, facing the sea.


Here we leave some very appropriate outfits that we believe could be your best travel companions for when you travel to the beach, taking into account the weather and the moment!





Great for a hot and sunny day.


This dress is easy to wear and easy to combine with any garment. Perfect to be on the beach and since it is a loose fit, is perfect to wear on top of your swimsuit if your plan is to sunbathe or swim in the ocean. In addition, it allows you to feel fresh while you are not under the sun and helps you to exploit the small gusts of wind that will happen throughout the day.








For a sunset with breeze.


This is beautiful long dress; with a cut that is good for almost anyone. It has the word "sunset" written all over it. The very light fabric will make you enjoy the wind and at the same time, as it is a long dress, will cover the excess of wind and prevent you from feeling too cold. It really is a very versatile dress, since you can also wear it for more formal occasions if you wish to.








For a casual morning.


We all know that men generally seek practicality and comfort of his clothing; This shirt assures you these two things, and also gives you a unique style for its loose and relaxed cut design and the combination of techniques used in the dyeing of the fabric and its finishes.











To enjoy a great evening.


When the sun goes down and the night begins to fall, a little seriousness in our way to dress is usually required. This embroidered shirt, besides being very original and attractive, is perfect for any "cocktail" event. From noon to night this shirt looks great on anyone.







Being well accompanied has never been this easy. Feel free, cool and calm at all times with the company of the best clothes! Visit the official website of Mr. Búho at and follow us on Instagram @mrbuhoboutiques and Facebook @mr.buhointernational







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