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Playa del Carmen Among the 25 Best Tourist Destinations in the World

March 29, 2019

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A New Ally In Your Wardrobe

November 26, 2018

    One of the fabrics whose use goes back more than 8000 years of our history, in ancestral civilizations like Ancient Egypt is the textile linen, the natural fabric made of the fibers of the flax plant. Its use spread and proliferated across continents to be present today in Latin America. Today is still a current material and has a wide range of uses, whether in industries, in our homes and even as clothing. In the last ten years the main countries of linen production include Holland, Belgium, China and France ... its importance is such that the shroud with which Jesus Christ was buried was linen and is still preserved.


    One of the most notorious aspects of textile linen is its durability compared to other equally popular natural fibers and its versatility to make clothing. Its use guarantees that the objects have a longer useful life because it is twice as resistant as cotton, so they maintain their composition and structure for years.


    Its high absorption of inks is ideal in the production of various manufactured textile products. If we wash the fabric it will not lose its color or smell. Another of its wonderful physical qualities is that the fabric stays light and cool in summer, feeling dry to the touch because it only absorbs 20% moisture; It is therefore ideal for the beds, since a linen sheet will not stick to the body due to sweat. Even, the linen is one of the few fibers that eliminate and neutralize the odors in the environment, maintaining a pleasant sensation that does not happen with other fabrics.


    As we have mentioned, the absorbency of the textile linen is an important aspect. However, there are also other good qualities, such as the conduction of heat that allow the heat to be dispersed from the body, which makes it an unparalleled dressing cloth in high temperatures.


    It also has little or no elasticity, which allows garments to retain their shape, because clothing composed of these fibers tends to resist stretching as a result of wear. However, it is suggested that linen clothing should be kept hanging to avoid folds, since they are the kind of fabrics that wrinkle easily.


    In our stores Mr. Buho we have all these benefits of textile linen and we take advantage of it through ideal designs to wear on any occasion.


    For this reason, we invite you to get to know this new line of clothes that you can find in our different stores located in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and Los Cabos, without a doubt the best complement for your holidays.





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