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Playa del Carmen Among the 25 Best Tourist Destinations in the World

March 29, 2019

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An Unforgettable Experience

May 24, 2019



Although the camel is a mammal native to the deserts of Asia, which is its main habitat, yes, in Los Cabos there are camels that have adapted well to the arid and desert areas of Baja California. To walk more than two meters high mounted on a camel by a beach of Los Cabos is an incomparable experience. As they are perfectly "two-seater" animals, you can be accompanied by your girl, boy, son or friend. While you are not an expert, it is advisable that the camel be taken by the guide, because they can start racing at a speed that would surprise you.
In capes San Lucas is one of the points forced to visit for its wonderful marina, where you can also find various restaurants, craft shops, clothing stores such as the boutiques Mr. Buho with its characteristic concept of casual and elegant clothing, as well as T-shirts which are ideal to take a souvenir of your stay in the capes.


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