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Playa del Carmen Among the 25 Best Tourist Destinations in the World

March 29, 2019

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The Old Lighthouse of Cabo Falso

June 7, 2019

Better known as El Faro Viejo de Cabo Falso, it is a beautiful monument (an old lighthouse) located 15 kilometers from the Center of Cabo San Lucas and built on May 5 almost 112 years ago in a White Dune.
Cabo Falso is the tip of the southernmost land of the Peninsula, it is the point of transition between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California.


Finally, on May 5, 1905 the Lighthouse was inaugurated, being a work of portento and engineering unusual for those dates in the Southern California. It had a ten meter high tower where a rotating white light flasher of a frequency of 4 seconds with a range of 10 nautical miles was installed, energized with petroleum gas. For its mechanism the manufacture was ordered to Barbier, France, of three prisms of rock crystal (quartz) carved piece by piece by craftsmen, giving the lens a circular-concave shape, the rectangles joined together.
The lighthouse remained in uninterrupted operation until the year of 1965 when a hurricane of great magnitude destroyed its mechanism. The government decided to build a more modern lighthouse and to have an autonomous operation, that is, without the need for intervention by the hand of man. This new lighthouse was built on a hill that was behind the previous lighthouse, on the hill of Rodadero, a little higher. From those dates the inhabitants of Cabo San Lucas began to name it an old lighthouse to distinguish it from the one that had replaced it.
From then on, the Old Lighthouse remained as a tourist attraction, but also practice of its galloping deterioration by the intense traffic of motorcycles and vehicles, which sooner rather than later destroyed not only the dunes and other archaeological assets but the landscape environment, which It was his only natural protection.

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